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I received this 12-sample quest protein bar box last week. I’m still trying out the flavors and also trying to make up recipes.Image

I’ve tried the chocolate chip cookie dough in the microwave and it turned out good.

then I tired it again but with a piece of the brownie bar on top. well that’s not all. In between, I put some Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips and also covered the whole thing with them. I put it in the oven for less then 10 minutes and the result…. AWESOMENESS! it turned out soft and chocolate-y! but yeah the chocolate was a bit too much.. I shouldn’t have covered it all.

Yesterday I tired the chocolate peanut butter bar. The taste was just amazing! peanut butter fans should totally try this!


This morning, I put the rest of the bar in the oven for a few minutes and it turned out softer and tasted yummier!

Foto 2-1

A must try!