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I always aim for eggs for breakfast. Protein just makes you full much longer than carbs . 

I like having omelette with kalamata olives (Greek black olives) and sesame seeds yet it’s always better to add lots of veggies. 

so this morning I made this omelette and then it’s only about what you serve next to it.

I started eating avocados recently and I think they have some sort of a bland taste on their own so I try to incorporate them with what brings flavor and texture contrast. 

One simple way is eating them with olives!

So here’s the first part of my breakfast:

Omelette with kalamata olives and sesame seeds, avocado with olives, a slice of light Gouda cheese (Frico light Gouda is good!), black pepper and more sesame seeds.


The second part is berries and almonds with yogurt Image


The amount of nutrients you get after eating this breakfast is just unbelievable.


Protein from eggs and yogurt, magnesium and calcium from sesame seeds, antioxidants in berries, and just read about the nutrients that are found in avocados, olives and almonds. You’ll find a long list that might convince you to include them in your eating.  

It doesn’t take time, make eggs the way you like and just put things together =)

and something I did not do, add more veggies!