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Sometimes you’d feel like having a snack but you just don’t want to go wrong with unhealthy choices.

You’d probably know that fruits, veggies and nuts are usually the recommended healthy snacks yet you’re looking for more flavor, for something more satisfactory.

So why not find or think of ways to make these healthy snacks more satisfying?

I like eating blueberries with yogurt and when I came across this simple cool idea of dipping the blueberries in yogurt then freezing them, I thought I would try that for a change and it turned out SUPER good!

It’s like you’re turning that soft texture of the blueberries and creaminess of yogurt into a frosty treat!

Using toothpicks, I dipped each blueberry in plain yogurt that has this perfect consistency and sour flavor, then aligned them on a plate (you can use flavored yogurt but make sure it is not high in sugar).

Freeze as much blueberries as you want and reach for the freezer when you feel like having a snack.

I used toothpicks just for fun but I wouldn’t want to waste much of these for tiny blueberries so I would only use one to dip each =)

Enjoy and benefit 😉