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Many people might have this notion that being healthy is about sticking to certain types of food. Others might think of it as a way of depriving themselves of food that they like. Some basically think that healthy is boring and that they’ll have to give up most of what they eat for the sake of becoming healthy. So eventually, why bother change my eating habits?

I read this in a magazine recently and I felt like I could totally relate.


Being healthy does not require that hard work to be honest because it is a step-by-step process and then it just becomes naturally.

This step-by-step process is all about finding alternatives to what we like to eat.

It is also about experimenting, putting things that you like together, things that you might not have thought would go together or you just haven’t thought about it at all!

For me, healthy alternatives made the odd become the normal and the normal become the odd. For instance, I used to eat white bread a lot but then when I started eating whole grain pita bread (and other kinds), I started feeling that white bread tasted like raw dough so I just stopped eating it because it did not appeal to me anymore. Besides, I ate less bread because fiber made me feel full faster and longer…. and there are many other things like that.

I have never followed a diet (really not a single one). I just do not like the idea of depriving myself of something that I like.

So what is it then that I’m looking for?

The answer is quite simple! ……Moderation.

Moderation is about paying attention to what we eat and we are free to indulge every once in a while (or once a week, it is totally okay πŸ™‚ )

Seeking inspiration is one of the main things that helped me pay attention and change for the better. I follow these awesome people online and check their posts everyday. You cannot imagine how much the positive impact on my life is.

One last thing: Remember that our bodies deserve attention and one small change makes a huge difference πŸ˜‰