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I have been experimenting lately (baking and putting things in the blender).

This is not baking nor blending though. This is me falling in love with bananas all over again.

I have tried freezing a banana and it was like having ice-cream for breakfast!

Then I found this simple way to have a banana as an enjoyable treat!

Slice a banana without removing the skin then add chocolate spread inside it.

Heat the banana up in the oven for about 4 minutes (180 degrees). you can also microwave it. (sometimes it takes more depending on the size and type of the banana)

The first time I made this I took out all the banana with a spoon and placed it in a bowl, mashed it, mixed the Nutella with it, then put it back into the skin. This way you make sure the whole banana is mixed with chocolate, and you get to really indulge!

The other two times I switched to the awesome 75% dark chocolate spread from this Italian place Venchi. (They have really good quality chocolates)


Here it is… Enjoy!