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I have recently decided to start doing things to achieve a level of inner peace like showing my appreciation and gratitude everyday and writing notes for myself but then I thought it would be selfish of me if I don’t share these things because maybe what I share would have an impact on those of you who come across my page.

we sometimes overlook the fact that we need to feed our minds as much as we need to feed our bodies. I have come to realize that the key to having a healthy life is first of all, having a healthy mind. Not that I wasn’t aware of this yet of the fact that we need to “constantly” feed our minds with positive thoughts. Think of it this way: our bodies need to get nutrients “regularly” to have that good impact on our physical health. It is the same way with our minds because obviously the brain is part of the human body. 

When having a busy life, it is easy to get stressed out, and being -or remaining- positive might not be that easy. For a while stress and worry have got the best of me but at one point, I have realized that really, it all passes and I actually caused myself to get stressed out for nothing.

I have learned that remaining positive can be achieved through faith. If we sincerely believe in what we are actually telling our minds, it would be easier to remain positive. Not only that but I also believe that we all need to be reminded to stay positive every once in a while because we might lose it sometimes, and that comes from the people around us.

So here’s what I want to share with you.


May happiness fill your hearts each day…