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Here’s a simple salad recipe:

– Lettuce

– chopped cucumbers

– carrots (sliced or grated)

– chopped tomatos (cherry tomatoes are preferable)

– chopped avocado

– chickpeas*

– corn*

*(if you use canned corn/chickpeas, it is better to go with those that are salt free or rinse before adding)

– white cheese of your choice (I like feta and go with low fat)


extra version olive oil, a bit of sea salt, pomegranate molasses OR balsamic vinegar*, a bit of fresh lemon juice

I still don’t measure ingredients =P but the important thing is.. not too much of anything!

*(if you go with balsamic vinegar you may exclude the salt and/or lemon juice)

chop, add, mix and enjoy!

I think this salad would taste even better with marinated grilled chicken breast or sautéed shrimp!!