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It was my friend’s idea which I did not take seriously at first and yet on the same day last year, I thought I should just give it a try and start a blog.

I must say that although I haven’t been very dedicated, I am truly proud of what I have become and what I have accomplished.

I have made choices. I chose health, happiness and most importantly, I chose to have faith at all times and truly, I have never been happier in my life. I found joy in experimenting and making healthy stuff. It made me -and still makes me- feel awesome that each time I make something that turns out super good, I wish there exists a way to email that awesomeness and share it with people.

My goal now is to post once a week. I have many recipes to share but because I have not set specific goals when I started, those are still kept on my phone or laptop and others are still waiting for more testing.

One more thing, there is something that I would like to ask you to do. I always keep notes to remind myself to be grateful. I would like for you to do the same because believe me being grateful is like a magnet to all good things.

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May peace descend upon you all and may happiness fill your hearts.