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Summer days are now gone… What remains is good memories… and good memories warm you up from the inside…

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I had a wonderful summer relaxing, dancing, working, learning, exploring, meeting new people and not a single day passed without me being thankful. Even during those days when I was not feeling well, I was surrounded by people whose help made me feel grateful.

and the beautiful scenery is a totally different topic…

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If there is a title for my summer it would be “How little acts of kindness blessed my life”

Just like many others, I respond to acts of kindness with a “thank you” yet sometimes or most of the time, I feel like gratitude shouldn’t be something as small as a “thank you”. People deserve to know that they were a reason behind brightening my day and filling me with warmth and excitement. 

Expressing gratitude isn’t easy though. It is not easy because I usually fear that my expression might be misinterpreted. That’s why when I miss the the chance to really express my gratitude verbally or through a thank-you note because of that fear, I just hope that my “thank you” manifests my sincere thankfulness.


May you always be blessed~