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When the smallest of changes causes you to become disoriented..

When you start packing for a journey and you wish your comfort zone could be packed with your other stuff..

When you are on a journey and you forget to sincerely appreciate the moment because you’re too busy sorting out your thoughts..

And then something happens.. something that reminds you to be thankful and to appreciate the moment, the journey…


I was selected to be part of a one-week program to present a research project along with other activities. I was attending a lecture that was titled “Desserts of the Earth” but I wasn’t wearing comfortable shoes that day. When the lecture was over, it was time to head back to the hotel.

When it should’ve taken me less than 15 minutes to get to the hotel, it took me 30 minutes and that was because I did a lot of walking that day and my skin got scratched. I cannot express how difficult it was to walk.. I had the choice of walking barefoot but it was too cold…

I kept reminding myself that pain is weakness leaving my body… I tried to deviate my attention from the pain to something else.

I remembered the fascinating pictures that I have seen in the lecture.. I kept looking around.. contemplating…

Oh there are the trees, the flowers, the sky, the stars… I am not alone here… It is not about ‘me’ anymore…

I felt like I have blended with the world.. I saw myself as a tiny creature in this vast universe.

And then when I got to the hotel, friends were waiting for me!

My favorite show, coconut milk and banana!


God, how did I forget to appreciate how blessed I am?

It was absolutely a day to remember!