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My mind usually runs a mile a minute but recently it seems like the speed took a whole new level. Struggling with contradicted thoughts and questions that are just hard to avoid has become something usual for me.

What matters? What am I doing for others? What is the purpose of creation? What is real and what is not? This is just a small sample of the hundreds of questions that I keep asking myself.

What makes this more difficult is my tendency to push my people away not only because reaching out to people to “express” is not something that I am comfortable doing but also because I would always assume that they wouldn’t understand.

So I asked myself: would looking for practical solutions help? Maybe I’ll find answers with time?

I took the practical approach and tried different things. I wouldn’t say it didn’t help because it did but still… I couldn’t get away from those constant battles.

I was reaching out to God but maybe I was not sincere enough because it was only when I decided to hand it all to Him, that I found comfort and inner peace. It was only then that I realized I forgot that faith and patience are the things that I should be holding onto.

And with God’s help and guidance, I reached a point where I decided to accept that this struggle is part of living.

I have come to realize that it is with struggle that we gather strength and grow. It is with struggle that we get to appreciate what we have become.

This might sound too simplistic yet is achievable if we only change the way we look at struggle.

and as it has been said: “The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph”

and here is something that I would like to share


To all those who can relate, remember that you are never alone.

May you all be blessed with peace and happiness~~