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Celebrating my birthday was never “something” to me…sometimes it passes just like an ordinary day..

This year, I did not give it any thought because I started to have this belief that each day is to be celebrated and is to be grateful for.

Only when I was reminded, I realized that my birthday was coming up soon.

I love breakfast. It’s my favorite meal so this morning I thought: why not celebrate a little with a healthy and oh-my-this-is-super-awesome breakfast?

Healthy PB & Chocolate Pancakes

Spelt flour coffee-flavored pancakes with peanut butter frosting and homemade chocolate sauce using coconut oil sounded perfect!

Healthy Peanut Butter & Chocolate Pancakes

It was great.. but what was even greater is my best friend’s text, which made me feel all special!
it wasn’t the special-me feeling but rather the special-to-be-blessed feeling.

It was then that I thought: Why have I never given birthdays a different perspective?

We should always show an attitude of perpetual gratitude but why not give the blessings that we are given more thought on our birthdays?

It’s a day to be grateful for our health, safety, family, friends, sanity, and and and…

A day to count blessings, which are in the end, countless.

On this day, I would like to share my energy that is filled with love and happiness to my family, friends, readers and anyone who comes across this post.

May happiness fill you hearts each day~


I was just about to publish this post when my eyes spotted this!!!


Isn’t my sister the best person in this whole world or what?! Coconut oil, coconut milk and AVOCADOS! 

My happiness is reaching infinity!!