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I did not wholeheartedly believe that “Chocolate is THE Answer” until I realized that healthy chocolate treats almost always make it all better!

Chocolate is the ANSWER

when I read or hear the phrase “You can enjoy a piece of dark chocolate” I go like “seeeeriously?!”

“enjoy” and “a piece of chocolate” just don’t match.

Only if a piece of dark chocolate was to refer to chocolate fudge like these cute babies!

Chocolate Coconut Butter Fudge

These decadent fudge babies are made of melted dark chocolate and coconut butter. That is it! 🙂

The honey jar is my favorite. Only because Winnie the Pooh reminds me of myself when he indulgently eats honey out of the jar.. except that I do that with chocolate! I mean.. what is enjoying chocolate really if you don’t have stains all over your face and/or clothes?

well, not really but I guess it’s because of my siblings always mockingly pointing out that I must leave a trademark (AKA chocolate stains) when I make and eat chocolatey treats!

Although I laughed every time, sometimes I get a little annoyed when I try to be careful yet still end up having chocolate stains all over my pajamas.

But this changed, now I happily sleep in my chocolate-stained PJs! 😉

What else is known to be perfect with chocolate…. Avocados!

Ever since I tried Avocado brownies, I fell in love with the combination!

Then recently I decided to finally try Avocado Chocolate Mousse and Oh.My.Lord…!! it totally exceeded my expectations!! I mean, I still cannot get over how smooth, silky and super chocolatey this mousse is!

Avocado Chocolate Mousee

I guess my chocolate craving has been just triggered so off to the kitchen!

May you find reasons to be happy and grateful everyday ❤