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I love the child in me…

The child in me makes me happy.

The child in me goes on Youtube and listens to old cartoon songs.

In this messy world, the child in me does this now more than ever.

When a song of a cartoon that I used to watch is on TV, I can’t help but turn the volume up and sing along. It brings inexplicable joy.

and I cannot stress how blessed I am to have a little sister to share this with ❤

Speaking of childhood, my dad bought two boxes of these Hello Panda biscuits!


For some time I wondered why I still love these chocolate filled biscuits.

That is because I stopped liking almost all of the processed sweets and candy bars that I used to eat. For me, most taste like sugar, and some just did not retain their original taste.

But later I figured that in Hello Panda (although containing questionable ingredients), the sugar is not the first nor the second ingredient, so yay!

I tried the yellow for the first time a few days ago. It is a little bit sweeter so long live the original!

Thank you Singapore for making this! 🙂