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Food is not just food.


As food has profoundly helped me cultivate my sense of gratitude, I always try to look deeper for more things to be grateful for.

and as I keep trying out new recipes, I keep learning that from the part of buying the ingredients to trying out the final product, there are so many things to be grateful for.

So many things that made me believe the list is endless.

But here is a slice of this list, which I believe is worth sharing:

  • Getting your hands on new ingredients
  • Finding your favorite products
  • Coming across people who inspire your sense of creativity
  • Trying out different combinations of ingredients
  • Always getting to make your favorite recipes
  • An equipped kitchen (an oven to me is a magic device, the freezer is a time stopper, a dishwasher is a time saver… should I go further? I guess you see how going further into this point alone would show us how blessed we truly are)
  • The “ah the flavors” moments
  • The “this is perfection” moments
  • The sense of sight
  • The sense of smell
  • The sense of taste

Our senses… how often do we think “what a wonderful blessing it truly is to be able to see, smell and taste what I eat!”?

How much thought do we give to those who have access to a very limited variety of food?

How much thought do we give to those who cannot afford basic ingredients that are pantry staples for us?

You see how food is not just food and yet one of God’s greatest blessings that not everyone is fortunate to have enough of.

and so I believe bringing mindfulness into our relationship with food is important.

Bringing mindfulness does not just stop at engaging our senses to have a pleasurable eating experience.

We actually begin to realize what it is like to be present.

We begin to give more value to what we have.

and when we give more value to what we have, we help cultivate our sense of gratitude, empathy and compassion.


What if we start looking at every aspect of our lives this way? Think how much our satisfaction and happiness levels would be altered!

May we all be blessed with inner peace and live to bring good to this world~~~